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The Orchard – Kicks off on site

I have just got back from a site visit in Manning’s Heath, West Sussex. The client has asked us to come and over see the works we have helped design, on an ad-hoc basis. We are happy to be involved with progress on site, particularly as our client has fully embraced the “fabric first” approach.

The Orchard is the retrofit and conversion of an existing commercial building to a new dwelling. The “fabric first” approach was identified at an early stage as a key to “being the last building in the area, to loose the winter snows from its roof”.  The project features U-values below 0.15W/m2K and all round good air tightness.

We are using an american insulation product which is a spring off from the ICF movement. The product has good thermal continuity and is extremely quick to install. The contractor is keen on this product, as there team are well known for turning projects around quickly. In the 2 weeks since the contractors have arrived on site, the existing floor screed and basic insulation levels have been lifted and the low performance windows have been removed.

Ecotecture will have a basic involvement with the project as it goes forward on site, we will be around to trouble shoot details, or help with decisions on alternative materials. We will be paying particular focus on the air-tightness of the building. We feel confident that this retro-fit could well be exemplar in its energy performance.


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