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The Curly House makes good progress, as the sun comes out

The project located along the south downs way has benefited from the improved weather conditions. The last two month have been extremely difficult for the construction industry. The sun appearing on a more regularly basis has been much welcomed and considerable progress has resulted.



The project is now up to ground floor slab level with the underfloor heating being cast in place within the structural deck that the “opdeck” system provides. This had to be installed before the exterior walls were in place to avoid the need for an additional screed, which would have impact on the programe of works and the budget of the project as a whole. This is also an opportunity to reduce the total quantity of concrete used in the construction process.



Another effect of the improved weather is the positive feedback the building is giving us during these early stages of construction. The building is a classic solar orientated design, and prior to the completion of the roof and the installation of the windows rooms in the core of the building at the lower ground floor are based on our own estimates about 2 degrees hotter than the exterior of the building. This shows clearly that the use of superior levels of insulation and locked in thermal mass are effecting the internal environment to a considerable extent. Once the building is sealed air tight and heat recovery and ventilation is introduced the positive effect on the internal environment will be amplified. Speaking with Antoine from Kithurst Builders the contractor of the project, we both feel confident that the large TV in the games room will provide most of the heat demand for the building. This is typical of passivhaus architecture, but it is unusual to see this effect before the windows have gone in! It is extremely exciting to see such an exemplar building coming together.


Particular attention will be paid over the next few days on the structure at the tips of the crescent. It is essential that the building maintains the sharp aesthetic in these locations whilst also achieving good thermal continuity. The Nudura ICF system allows the contractor to install the structure required within the depth structural concrete core of the with the interior and exterior surfaces being thermally broken with the EPS insulation / shuttering. A slimline fascia will be installed around the structural post to produce a sharp edge to the building, this fascia will be backfilled with PIR foam insulation to reduce the thermal bridging effect of the post in this location. More blogs to follow, If you would like to keep up with developments on this project and others like it, please click the subscribe via email button below.


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