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Sussex Straw Bale House on the way!

Congratulations to Jan Whitlock who is seen here at her first pre construction meeting with ground worker Tim. We are so excited to see this project moving towards a building start date this spring.

The site, in a West Sussex village, is located on the periphery of the village. The exciting brief was to design a highly sustainable solution with an organic form and feel. A round hobbit like home was essentially required!

Climbing the minefield that is the planning system helps when you have a good planning department. West Sussex is served by Mid Sussex District Council who have recently approved this small one bedroom house of straw bale construction. I’m really proud to say that ecotecture’s reputation for genuinely ecological architecture definitely helped in the positive outcome. Our realistic and achievable sustainability statement formed part of the application.

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Straw bale as a construction method has very simplistic basic design criteria. It’s organic nature requires strong boots to protect from moisture and a good hat to protect the walls from excessive rain. The round walls in Jan’s case has an unusual floating roof form inspired by Bilbo Baggins hobbit house!¬†Now we have finished the Building Regulation Package, which equates with Stage 3 Developed Design of The RIBA Work Stages, Jan is now taking the project forward herself as a self builder with our services retained in an advisory capacity¬†as work progresses.

Expect more blogs on her progress to follow!

Jo Saady

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