Playful extension to Sussex dwelling

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Playful extension to Sussex dwelling

The brief for the project was very much family orientated, our clients approached us with a view to making some dramatic alterations to the property. The clients stance was to make this dwelling their family home for the foreseeable future. We developed the brief with the client, discussing energy security and the existing structures ability to meet the needs of a growing family. It became apparent, that the clients were very open minded towards new technology and strong contemporary architecture. A specific requirement arose; to integrate curves into the dwelling, and for the design to be playful and inspiring.

Phase one of the alterations to the dwelling has been completed however our clients have not put a time scale on the later phase of development, rather they are taking stock of what they have achieved and getting used to their radically changed way of living. We have designed the extensions and retro-fit measures from the outset to be formed in discreet affordable packages, which focus on affordability and reducing the impact on our clients lives that the building work would make.

The internal layout at ground floor was originally quite dark and relatively poorly designed. The extension to the rear of the property opens up the existing internal layout to form a multi functional living space, with good levels of natural daylight and a vastly improved sense of spaciousness. Additionally at ground floor a new play room is formed conjoining the existing sitting room and new open plan spaces. The play room is designed to be separate enough for kids to enjoy themselves independently, but close enough for adults to know what they are up to. The play room floor is finished in brightly coloured rubber flooring, giving the children a real sense of ownership of the space.

At first floor the new master bedroom is formed with ensuite facilities. The buildings curves are strikingly expressed in this space, whilst still providing very usable living accommodation. The extension has be constructed using Nudura ICF, the curves have been designed with the product in mind. The ICF is highly malleable in the vertical axis prior to the concrete pour, and we have made use of this characteristic within the design.

The ICF system makes a vast difference to the energy efficiency of the whole property. The extensions southerly orientated, and the new glazing charges the open plan living space, reducing the need for a conventional heating system for the majority.

The second phase of the project will push the energy efficiency of the project further. The incorporation of external wall insulation will all but eliminate the need for heating, and visually tie the contemporary extensions into the existing structure. The end result is a retro-fit which shows sustainability does not have to be serious.

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