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Low energy sports pavilion

Low energy, super efficient & community focused.

Hassocks Parish Council appointed Ecotecture as their architects on this community project to procure a forward thinking and low energy efficient building. Numerous design solutions were developed and costed to provide the most financially efficient way to deliver a low energy green building which makes a strong design statement.

From the outset, we identified the hot water usage from cricket and football teams showering as the likeliest energy offender. Using a subtractive design process we sculpted the roof form to allow solar thermal panels to be installed, with the panels orientation being focused south-east for maximum warmth leading up to the period of peak hot water demand.

The building has been designed to be solar orientated, to ensure a cool comfortable environment in the summer, whilst maintaining low energy consumption on the space heating demand during the winter. The building uses Passivhaus principles of a super air tight building fabric coupled with mechanical ventilation with heat recovery, which is particularly appropriate for low energy buildings where there is the potential for high humidity levels. The ventilation is designed to expel the moisture from the building, whilst retaining the warmth within the air, via a heat exchange, which would otherwise be lost in a traditional build. The insulation being applied to the exterior walls highlights the buildings contemporary form. The design of the building is one of simplicity. Passivhaus buildings tend to be low surface area to volume ratios.

The building utilises and employs both locally sourced and low embodied energy materials within its construction and finishes. Materials such as the Sweet Chestnut cladding are locally sourced, whilst the Interface Floor Tiles in the Lounge and the Nora stud-proof flooring, provide a low embodied energy, yet robust, solution to the floor finishes.

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