Brick house, Cobham, Surrey

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Brick house, Cobham, Surrey

The project, completed in 2008, is based on a square basic shape with areas extenuated for entrance and rear solar features. The roof formation terminates some 300mm higher than the existing permission but is designed to be reduced in bulk appearance as it is hipped on all four sides with a frontage less wide on the plot than the approved scheme. External materials are proposed to be traditional vernacular with soft red brick contrasting with darker red quoins and details. The roof will be plain clay red tiles, with white painted joinery.

The design uses heavy thermal mass to provide a stable building, in conjunction with high levels of insulation and a rear double height passive solar space. Rooms are centered around a central hall and light-well which ensures natural daylighting to the centre of the building whilst giving an unexpected effect when entering into the tall bright space through the main entrance. The tall light well, with vented dome also acts as a passive stack for ventilation to draw air through the building using the natural buoyancy of hot air.

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Passive solar design, Surrey, Thermal mass