Mole end – contemporary SIP’s extension

Ecotecture, West Sussex / Mole end – contemporary SIP’s extension

Mole end – contemporary SIP’s extension

Our clients approached us in 2008 to radically change there living accommodation and to improve their long term sustainability in their family home. The extension is designed to complement the existing bungalow replicating the roof form and overhang and similarly designed in timber frame. The windows on the south and western elevation on the extension are enlarged to benefit the passive solar gain, whilst openings to the north and east are smaller to reduce heat loss.

The extension is constructed in a structural insulated panel system, provided by Scot Frame. This system was particularly appropriate as our client was heavily involved in the management of the project. Having the structural insulated panels preformed off site meant that the structure could be delivered as a single discreet package. This aids a self builder in ensuring quality of workmanship without a vast amount of time spent overseeing the works.

The extension is designed to crash into the bungalow. It is intentionally dominate to the existing structure, contrasting the single storey element in form, style and materials. This contrast is a key part of the story of the home, rather than hiding the extension, we have celebrated its arrival.

The internal layout has been redesigned to facilitate larger open plan living areas and the extension provides a high level bedroom and en-suite. Solar panels have already been installed as part of this eco refurbishment project.

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Extension, Passive solar design, Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs), Surrey