Albourne Court

Ecotecture, West Sussex / Albourne Court

Albourne Court

Unique office development using passive building design strategy

Ecotecture were approached in 2005 to design and detail a forward thinking office development. The planning was won due to our approach toward sustainable building design.

Planning consent was granted using the Sustainable Development in Rural Areas government policies (PPS7) which were newly released at the time. Ecotecture produced a striking design which is considered an marked improvement to the site.

The design was inspired by the buildings Joanna studied during her Msc in energy efficient building. The passive ventilation strategy uses building forms to create negative and positive pressure around the asymmetrical roof form, this means which ever way the wind blows, the users will benefit from a cooling breeze during those hot summer months.

As a result, these contemporary low-energy use offices were constructed (in 2007) to a high specification using an oak and steel frame, cedar cladding and very high levels of insulation. The lessons learnt from this project have been beneficial to our practice, particularly relating to how people interact with spaces, and how this impacts the energy efficiency of the development as a whole.

In addition to occupancy behavior, Ecotecture’s experience of interacting with commercial clients grew considerably. We have used this project to hone our approach to green building, whilst being commercially aware and linking green proposals to good business sense.

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