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Para 55 Landscape Model


Ecotecture recently took delivery of a 1:500 landscape model of our latest house located in Sussex.

This is a Para 55 planning application for a new justifiable dwelling in open countryside which we have been working on for over a year.

Most noteworthy is that this new house is proposed as an NZEB (Near Zero Energy Building), set to be the latest European new standard and will be the first of its kind in this country.

The building has been designed to hunker down on the site whilst providing fabulous views across the Downs.  Fine detailing of materials used include a mix of zinc roofing with Scots Pine soffits with a CUSIOO coating for pre-ageing and robust finish, and natural sandstone with flush joints.

Furthermore we will locate externally a bank of solar PV with a battery store so the electricity is solely within the dwelling.  Any surplus to be rolled over to the hot water system and then the battery store, avoiding any fee.



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