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London Eco Home Exchange

There are all sorts of benefits to swapping your home with someone in a London Eco Home Exchange program. You can save money, support sustainable tourism, have a comfortable holiday with all the luxuries of home, and know that your home is safely inhabited by trustworthy travellers while you are out of town.

Green Home Exchange

When you swap homes with someone in a London Eco Home Exchange program such as the ‘The Green Theme Home Exchange’ or Gum Tree House Exchange Program, you’re not only planning a holiday, but helping to support something important: a more sustainable tourism. Haven’t you ever wanted to explore the world, but found it too expensive? If you own your own home, you can go anywhere and spend practically nothing on lodging! There are many people in many countries waiting to trade their homes with you for different lengths of time. You could trade with someone in a variety of countries like Spain, Australia, America, New Zealand, or even a different part of England.

A holiday can be stressful and exhausting. You have to pay enormous hotel fees for accommodations that don’t even make you feel at home. Along with eating out every night, a holiday can become really expensive. Well, not anymore! When you swap homes with someone, you’ll have all the luxuries of home. You can choose to be in the city, or off in some exotic new countryside. It’s up to you. It makes all the difference to have a place to heat some water for a cup of tea or to be able to stay in for a night, instead of being forced to sight-see constantly.

Naturally you should be cautious about who you open your home to. It’s ideal to meet the people that you will swap with, to get a sense of what kind of folk they are and how compatible you will be with them. In any case, since you trust them with your home, they trust you with theirs. If you want more assurance than that, there are reviews to read online, including ratings of their houses and past holiday experiences. The program makes you even more comfortable with a well written contract, for most house swap programs, where homeowners are fully protected from any unforeseen event. These safety measures make eco house exchange programs practically risk-free, and the best option for your holiday vacation or retreat.

James Helliwell

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