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Hassocks parish council – sports pavilion & community facilities


Progress on site shows the roof construction taking shape & the insulation being applied to the exterior walls highlights the buildings contemporary form. The design of  the building is one of simplicity. Passivhaus’ tend to be buildings of low surface area to volume ratios. The Image below shows the simplicity of the “thermal envelope”. The buildings SA/V ratio = 0.9, typical Passivhaus buildings have a SA/V ratio of 1.0 to 0.2.

As an example if you were to build two buildings one banana shaped and one orange shaped and use the same typically high levels of insulation the orange shaped one would be more likely to achieve the Passivhaus standard then the banana.

The form, despite this simplicity, is still very exciting, the wide angle ‘tick’ arrangement within the roof construction is  a physical reference to the line of a cricket ball in flight. This play on angles gives us plenty of room for well orientated solar thermal panels to provide hot water for the players in the future.

As the roof is installed close attention is paid to sealing  the building air tight. Membranes are installed behind the timber wall plate to give a continuous air tight barrier, which will be lapped with the internal plaster finish when the project moves on from 1st fix.


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