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The Curly House: The Latest

The Curly House in the Sussex Downs has made leaps and bounds since our last blog on the project. Kithurst builders have now installed the Op-Deck roofing system to the lower ground and ground floor. The product links seamlessly with the Nudura ICF product and produces U-values of 0.1w/m2k as standard. The contractor spent a lot of time ensuring that the services are in place prior to the pouring of the concrete core within the ICF and over the OP-Deck system. There are many advantages from using a poured system such as excellent inherent air-tightness, but these do need to be weighed up against the time spent preparing for the pour. Leaving any service item out of the equation prior to this point could well prove to be costly or even impractical to install after. With this in mind the cabling for the IT in the building has been specified to be as future proof as is possible.

The building is very strong in its form, particularly as the ICF system is a very bright blue colour. The building will be finished in a self coloured render which will work well with the curves to produce a soft finish, this in conjunction with the curved lines of the deck, the additional landscaping and the brise soleil will sit the building down into the landscape and produce a building of exceptional architectural merit.

The core idea behind the building design is the pushing the envelope whilst maintaining balance between energy efficiency and high design concept. The building has been thermally modelled within IES, and shows that the curved design does not compromise the performance, in-fact it this specific design it actually enhances it.


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